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[DARF]Chain bounty

program for partners

Newsletter issue 28.10.2017

Dear partners! Thank you for your support, we very appreciate it! 

And we need your help everyday!

Please, repost and comment these posts. 

Definitely, you will have reward for that!


And take a part in discussions on Reddit

Newsletter issue 29.10.2017

Dear partners, we are so glad to you for your help! 

And we need to move on with your support. 

Do these tasks and repost these FB and Twitter links, please! 

You will recieive the reward which makes from 100 DARF (0,01 BTC on ICO price) to 1000 DARF ( It depends on number of your followers) 




Newsletter Issue 24.07

Dear partners!

Thank you for your supporting! Bounty site moved to http://bounty.darfchain.com/,  all of reports are in safety.

Vote for us in Waves Pre-ICO Startup Challenge!

We took part in Waves Platform and ICO Hub Launch Pre-ICO Startup Challenge


Join #contest_voting , and click on the pinned poll. Enter your response in the form: [Participant’s number or project name] [Comment]. The comment is optional.

For example: 6 Integration ERP and blockchain for small and medium business is very actual!

We are number 6!


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