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[DARF]Chain bounty

program for partners

Bounty campaing prolonged till 12.12.


The Bounty campaign  will  prolonged until December 12, 2017.
All reports are visible, and we hire now dedicated person to verify its all.
All payments will be conducted as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience and supporting  us!

Newsletter issue 13.12.17

Dear friends! We moving on with our goal to make this world more honest! Today we have got some news we want you to repost, share, like and discuss or comment! Surely, you will have a reward for this activity, just make bounty reports and select right bounty type in the list. Thank you for your support, we very appreciate it!

Newsletter issue 09.12.2017

Dear partners! There is the moment! This is all what we were waiting for! DARFChain successfuly started an ICO. It will last for 2 month and ends at 7-th February! Theremore, our bounty campaign is extended for 2 month untill our ICO ends! We need your support, your energy and your eagerness to make ICO and all cryptoeconomics transparent and honest! Share our posts on FB, Twitter and so on!



Newsletter issue 05.12.2017

Dear partners! We are glad to say you that our ICO starts at 7th December, and ends at 7th February! Well, it means, that our bounty campaign will go on untill our ICO ends at February! We all need your support! Let's make ICO more honest! 

Newsletter issue 04.12.2017

Dear Partners! We are glad to present you our new partners "Utopia"! So we post about it in our Facebook and Twitter! Repost these links to spread this news to all people, who are interested in cryptoeconomics! We can make this world more honest! 



Newsletter issue 02.12.2017

Dear partners! We are glad to say you that we have got for you some new bounty types: translation and writing articles on different language. You will have big reward for that, so if you have some skills to writing articles or shortreads or you are able to do translation, do that and make an bounty report! Thank you for your support, we appreciate it very much! 

Newsletter issue 26.10.2017

Dear partners! We see every comment that you have written for us! Thank you very much! Today we've got a new list of links, which we want you to follow and comment! You will get reward for every comment sent. Check bounty types and select the right one for you! 

We are so glad for your support, let's move on together!) 




Newsletter issue 24.11.2017

Dear partners! Hope, you checked our message yesterday! We need your support very much! Surely, you will get reward for every report you will send us! Your reward will be from 50 DARFs to 1000 DARFs for every comment! Check bounty types and select right one for every report. Today we've got new posts for which we want you to comment! Thanks for your help, we apreciate it so much! :) 




Newsletter issue 23.11.2017

Dear partners! Now, we have a new task for you! We want you to comment not only DARFChain posts, but all posts which are written about scam/ICO/cryptocurrency and so on. We will send you 8-10 links everyday, which you must comment. All comments should be about DARFChain or cryptoaccounting at all. Posts, that we will send you will contain comments that we already wrote. Use it like an example! If you wish you can comment another posts which are thematically similiar to these. Very important to make users answering you, try to speak and discuss with them. Thank you for your support! :) 

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