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[DARF]Chain bounty

program for partners


    • China, India, Brasilia & LatAm, Africa (South, Central) as 1st order;
    • Native origin;
    • 1-2 hour per day for project;
    • Knowledge of the concept and adoption of the philosophy of the DARFChain project
    • Activity in the public sector or public activity for at least 2 years
    • 2 representatives per region

    Bring concept and philosophy, concept and nuances of work to the audience of your language group by means of communication on thematic resources and answering questions by e-mail.
    How to become an ambusador:
    Tell us about your desire to become the project's ambassador: register on site and send us  email: bounty@darfchain.com
    In the message, specify your data (name, country, language, background in business)

    Until  project starts (in begin of 2018) we'll pay to Ambassadors 1000 DARFs/month
    After starts you will be invite first to be a partner in your county and will receive share of profit that system generate in your country.
    Accrual of DARFs:
    Every month, end of the month

    bount (DARF)
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