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[DARF]Chain bounty

program for partners

Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
Audit: comments to Posts for audit program 100.00

=Other threads and posts comments=

Look thru Platforms for the action: groups, pages and discussion threads for posting at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aDNRR8TQfgvAa-ZTfMh3Yvgi1FuA-MQ_2FqlVR2Kk3o document

Find active post or thread with a topic of ICO scam, fraud and accounting transparency of ICO.

Comment it with usation of hashtags #DARFChain (our platform name), #DARFBoard (audit tool name).

Additional #ICOaudit, #ITOaudit.

Use also links to the websites http://audit.darfchain.com/,http://darfchain.com/,http://buy.darfchain.com/.

Be involved in our technology of ICO transparency please. Even more information is here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aDNRR8TQfgvAa-ZTfMh3Yvgi1FuA-MQ_2FqlVR2Kk3o



Audit: Invoking to audit of certain project 500.00
GROUP OF ACTIONS : Partnership
Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
Banner on the site
Creating topics in other forums and maintaining their activity
Publication of information about the project on other sites 200.00
  • Minimum of 1000 characters of original, not copied text;
  • 2 links to the official website of darfchain.com;
  • A well-known, visited resource for the topics of technology, finance, business, cooperatives;
  • In the publication you need to specify a link to your profile on darfchain so that we will identify that the publication belongs to you.
GROUP OF ACTIONS : Ambassadors
Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
Become Ambassador 1000.00


    • China, India, Brasilia & LatAm, Africa (South, Central) as 1st order;
    • Native origin;
    • 1-2 hour per day for project;
    • Knowledge of the concept and adoption of the philosophy of the DARFChain project
    • Activity in the public sector or public activity for at least 2 years
    • 2 representatives per region

    Bring concept and philosophy, concept and nuances of work to the audience of your language group by means of communication on thematic resources and answering questions by e-mail.
    How to become an ambusador:
    Tell us about your desire to become the project's ambassador: register on site and send us  email: bounty@darfchain.com
    In the message, specify your data (name, country, language, background in business)

    Until  project starts (in begin of 2018) we'll pay to Ambassadors 1000 DARFs/month
    After starts you will be invite first to be a partner in your county and will receive share of profit that system generate in your country.
    Accrual of DARFs:
    Every month, end of the month

    Whitepaper Translations 2000.00

    Requiment: White paper need  to be translated by native speaker, not Google or same!

    GROUP OF ACTIONS : BitcoinTalk
    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    BitcoinTalk avatar 50.00

    Change avatar on profile for 1 week

    Image removed.

    BitcoinTalk signatures ICO 50.00

    Add signature to profile for 1 week:

    █ [url=http://darfchain.com] DARFChain [/url] █ • Interplanetary ERP-based ecosystem for fiat currency free economy (Tokenomy) to crowd manage & audit ICO and DAO projects by implementing smart escrow and innovative "proof of accounting" consensus█....
    █ [url=https://goo.gl/sbMWNS]• Whitepaper [/url] █ [url=http://"https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1945413.0"]• ANN Thread[/url] █ [url=http://"https://t.me/joinchat/AwK-gENtLR8IfVr0jVlUZA"]• Telegram[/url] █ [url=http://"https://www.facebook.com/DARFChain/"]• Facebook[/url] █ [url=http://"https://www.reddit.com/user/DARFChain/"]• Reddit[/url] █ [url=http://"https://darfchain.slack.com/"]• Slack[/url] █ [url=http://"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC31sC64dmKHtO3Ra-mEsA8g"]• YouTube[/url] █ [url=http://"https://vk.com/darfchain"]• VK[/url] █

    BTT audit topics 1000.00

    Starts new topic about audit of any pasts ICOs with hashtag #darfchain and with link to site www.darfchain.com  (not just eulogistic, but constructive).

    BTT Forum Activity: answers 50.00

    Constructive answer on our post (not eulogistic, but constructive)

    BTT Forum Activity: New topics 300.00

    Starts new topic about Darfchain with hashtag #darfchain and with link to site www.darfchain.com  (not just eulogistic, but constructive).


    GROUP OF ACTIONS : Project
    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    Bugs 10.00

    If you find a bug in work of system, let us know!

    Great Idea 10.00

    If you got great idea how to tough improve of our product, we are ready to celebrate you!

    Misprint or mistake in the text 1.00

    If you see a typo, an incorrectly written word or expression in the text of the site, the interface of the product or white paper - let us know!

    News referrals
    Subscribe to newsletter 10.00

    1. Subscribe to the project news there at the bottom of the project home page and
    2. Confirm your subscription
    3. Add bounty report


    GROUP OF ACTIONS : Facebook
    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    comment FB 20.00

    Comment posts on facebook page

    Like to project page 10.00

     Like our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DARFChain/

    Likes to posts 10.00

    Put your likes to our posts

    Share FB 30.00

    Share posts with our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DARFChain/

    GROUP OF ACTIONS : reporters
    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    Contacts of reporters and analysts
    Interviews with reporters
    GROUP OF ACTIONS : YouTube Videos
    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    Like to video 10.00

    Like to video on our YouTube channel

    Share Video on Facebook 50.00

    Share  video on our YouTube channel on your Facebook page

    Share Video on Twitter -100+ subscribers 20.00

    Tweet about video on our YouTube channel if over 100 users are subscribed to your stream

    Share Video on Twitter -1000+ subscribers 100.00

    Tweet about video on our YouTube channel if over 1000 users are subscribed to your stream

    Subscribe to DARFCHAIN YouTube Channel 30.00

    Subscribe our YouTube channel

    GROUP OF ACTIONS : Twitter
    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    Like&Retweet 100 100.00

    Like&Retweet @DARFChain  if  1000 and up to 10000  users are subscribed to your stream

    Like&Retweet 1000 1000.00

    Like&Retweet @DARFChain   if over 10000 users are subscribed to your stream

    Like&Retweet 20 20.00

    Like&Retweet @DARFChain   if up to 300 users are subscribed to your stream

    Like&Retweet 50 50.00

    Like&Retweet @DARFChain   if up to 1000 users are subscribed to your stream

    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    Likes to Reddit posts 10.00

    Like (+1) a post py DARFChain on Reddit


    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    Medium Claps

    Make Medium "Claps" (like) for posts on https://medium.com/@darfchain

    Medium positive comments 100.00

    Make a positive comments for posts at https://medium.com/@darfchain/

    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    SteemIt Positive comment 100.00

    Make a positive comments for posts at https://steemit.com/@darfchain

    SteemIt Vote up 50.00

    Vote Up for posts at https://steemit.com/@darfchain

    GROUP OF ACTIONS : Translation
    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    Translation into any language

    If you can translate any DARFChain article into some languages, text us on email and we will talk about that. 

    Translation into Chinese 3000.00

    Translate articles from DARFChain accounts in social networks into Chinese language. 

    GROUP OF ACTIONS : Writing articles
    Action bounty price (DARF) Описание
    Writing articles in Chinese 6000.00

    Writing articles in Chinese about DARFChain and common things (cryptoaccounting, audit on ICO, ICO scams) with reference to DARFChain on 1000-3000 signs. 

    Writing articles in English 5000.00

    Writing articles in English about DARFChain and common things (cryptoaccounting, audit on ICO, ICO scams) with reference to DARFChain on 1000-3000 signs.