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[DARF]Chain bounty

program for partners

Dates of the Bounty Campaigns 01.06.2017 - 30.09.2017

During the public phase of preICO, ICO  and  before the ICO date, you can earn DARFs by joining the community of the project and participating in our bounty campaigns.
For early marketing and awards, active members of our community will be reserved 1 000 000 DARF. 84,000,000 DARFs were created on Waves, 1 DARF = 10,000 Satoshi for ICO, or ~ $ 0.24 at the rate of bitcoin as of June 1, 2017)

The entire list of bounty activities: http://bounty.darfchain.com/bountylist, it can expand and replenish, watch the mailing (subscribe - 10 DARF) !

To participate in the bounty you need to register on our website http://bounty.darfchain.com/user/register.

To get bounty, you need to add bounty activity to the report: http://bounty.darfchain.com/node/add/bounty_report

After checking by the moderator, you will be remunerated at the DARF to your Waves account, usually weekly, in some cases - monthly.

Let's take part in changing world together!